Jess' Mess


Immediate Action Required


Things have been a little bit crazy the past few days and my neurosis is slowly but surely creeping up to the surface. I am getting unnecessarily overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to do because my thoughts are all over the place. 

Uni has been so intense as deadlines are coming up and dissertation is rearing its ugly head. And I realized that I am so incredibly lacking in time management skills. But enough of this whole whining thing, right?



So here’s what I’m planning to do:

1. Make more coffee
It’s good for you. Like, seriously good for your body - polyphenols and all that - they reduce inflammation and this is a real scientific fact, PLUS they actually keep you awake and give you the best buzz. 

2. Wake up earlier
More time —> more things done —> less neurosis. What do we think? I think yes.

3. Set deadlines for myself
Now hopefully these deadlines will push me to get off my ass and start doing things. No more procrastination and no more Netflix (maybe a little, but it’s ok, baby steps).

As the title says… immediate action required. I guess panic and fear can be a good thing - they signal a message that an action needs to be taken. Ok, I hear ya. Will get off my ass now.