Jess' Mess


Beyond the Imperfections

I'm currently in the process of brainstorming for my next collection of prints. Seeing as I'm one of the most insecure persons that has ever been in existence, I thought might as well use it to my advantage.

I'm assuming that everybody has those days where they just don't like everything about themselves - their looks, the way they talk, you name it. So I guess to an extent it is normal, but when it starts to make its appearance a bit too often, an action plan is in order.

Appearance is not everything. It's a facade. And besides, more often than not, we judge ourselves more harshly than we would others (not that it's good to be judgy anyway :p). 

Your insecurities have too much of an imagination. Be careful with that. - Andra Knox

Look beyond my imperfections. I am more than my imperfections. Learn to love them. 

New prints coming soon!

Jess x