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How I Edit My Photos


I know - I spend a bit too much time on Instagram, and put a bit too much effort into the pictures I upload. I'm a lowkey aspiring photographer with zero skills and experience, so Instagram is my only creative outlet :p

So if any one of you is interested in learning about the (not-at-all-complicated) process of how I upload my photos, then keep reading!


1. Camera
I only rely on two devices - my iPhone 6 or my trusty Canon 600D. An iPhone camera is more than enough, but it does not always deliver the best quality photos, especially when the lighting is a bit dodgy. So for uber sharp photos, I turn to my Canon camera. I then transfer the photo from the camera, to my laptop, and to my phone.

2. Lighting
Lighting is key, and natural lighting is the best thing for your photos (especially selfies :') ). I really only shot my flatlays when the sun is out, because when it's gray and dark outside, my photos tend to go grainy. Natural lighting also lets you get away with less editing.

3. Editing
I'm very lazy. Seriously, I am. So don't expect a fancy editing process from me. I really only use VSCO most of the time, but I recently installed Lightroom on my laptop and I'm learning how to use it. It's quite user friendly, and adjusting the contrast, exposure, saturation, etc with it is really quite simple, for my purposes anyway. When I'm done with Lightroom, I'll export the photo and send it to my phone and that's when I do further editing on VSCO. A little bit of further adjustment and sometimes a bit of help from the filter department, and I'm good to go! For my Instagram I usually go for the filter HB1.

4. Photo planning
Now I do sometimes plan which pictures to post (because this one will suit my gallery and that one won't suit my gallery oh the struggle). I am not as fussy these days but I will admit that it still bothers me if I find that the colors don't go together. So I use this app called UNUM which lets you plan which pictures to post.

Ok that's about it. It's really not that complicated I promise. And I know to some people this may sound silly that you'd spend such amount of time just to post pictures on Instagram but hey. Priorities. (Also I have no other hobbies and I love taking pictures so bite me).

Jess x