Jess' Mess



As I sit down to write this post I remember an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, On Being, titled The Science of Healing Places. I cannot do it justice with my inadequate description of the episode but one takeaway message from it was that sometimes a change of scenery can bring in new perspectives and take the stress away. Places can heal. They take you back, they inspire, possibly open you up to new possibilities.

I love traveling, every part of it. Going to the airport or the station, getting on the plane, or on the train, basking in the glory of new adventures waiting ahead. 

I wasn't so sure what the purpose of this blogpost was. How does it go with my lettering business, is it even irrelevant? But screw it, I guess. I overthink things sometimes. I love taking pictures and if it's not relevant to calligraphy or lettering then who cares. I still love going places and taking pictures of the places that I go to and I'm going to share them here anyway.

A whole day spent under the sun was exactly what I needed, even though the sunburn that followed was not quite so pleasant. But hey it gave me a bit of color. Didn't really expect it to be as hot as it turned out to be but what a beautiful day it was. Should have worn more SPF but..... at least the pictures turned out ok!

Jess x