Jess' Mess


Wear whatever you want!

Like most girls, I am very much into clothes and put (maybe a bit too much) thought and effort into what I wear. I have always always hated being told what's ok to wear and what's not ok to wear. I know that seems very trivial... but I see this as a way of expressing myself. That might sound like an exaggeration, but I'm not really sure if there are any other ways of saying it without sounding dramatic. Haha!

But all joking aside, I do feel like when I look good, I feel good. And I only feel like I look good when I know that I like what I am wearing. Is that shallow? Maybe. But I don't think there's anything wrong in wanting to look the best you can. It will positively affect your confidence level and that's one step closer to feeling good, feeling like you've got this.

So this post is dedicated to........ anyone who understands what I'm talking about. Anyone who just loves clothes in general (and maybe even has a bit of a shopping problem like I do). 

Let me know your thoughts!

Jess x