Jess' Mess


Injecting a little color

I love a bit of color. Not so much when it comes to what I wear (although I have found myself adding a bit of red into my wardrobe), but definitely when it comes to my work (and mostly my viewing pleasure on Instagram) I like to see a pop of pink and all the pastel goodness. So I've been experimenting with that quite a bit... and recently when I was just flipping through an old sketchbook of mine that I had back in high school, I remembered how much I used to love just doodling in between classes, and sometimes in the middle of them. They weren't great sketches, because I suck at drawing. But they were alright, they were fun. I would go on Pinterest to look for inspiration and then I would try to copy the ones that I liked. And again, they weren't the best, but they were good enough for me. 

And it's fun playing with watercolor, doing a bit of painting and drawing here and there. I find it quite therapeutic. You get to zone out just for a bit and absorb yourself in your drawing and just be in the moment. And the colors - they really can cheer up a gloomy day.


And it's inspired me to incorporate a bit more illustration into my work. Add a pop of pink or yellow or whatever here and there, maybe it'll cheer up your day too! 

Jess x