Jess' Mess


You Choose Your Own Adventure


There is nothing more empowering than knowing that you are in control of your emotions. 

Of your feelings. Of yourself. Of the state that you are in.

The most scared I’ve ever been is when I feel vulnerable and when I lose sight of what’s real and what’s not. 

You choose your own adventure. You live through your pain. You carry it with you but you must never inflict it on other people. You learn to grow to be more compassionate. 

You don’t feel like you can. You try but you keep falling, and you feel like you can’t get up. But you try. And when you fall again, you try to get back up again. Because if you don’t try, then you lose sight of what you’re capable of. Of how much you can offer. You miss your chance to express your gratitude for everything else that’s good. For everything else that’s not going wrong.

You choose your own state of mind. Because if you don’t, you’ll fall victim to what’s happening. It’s not about being powerful. It’s about being empowered. It’s not about being invincible, because you can’t always shield yourself from pain. But you persevere. If it feels like you keep failing, you’re not alone. Because life is about struggle.

You choose your own adventure. You find the power within. And you’ll be ok.

Jess x