Jess' Mess




I was going through my website analytics and I have to say that it really shocked me when I saw that people were on my website, clicking on things, and doing stuff. I think I was always under the impression that I was the only one who ever spent time on it. 

I wouldn’t say the numbers are impressive, but I don’t really care right now ha ha. It’s quite a nice feeling knowing that your work is being looked at. I don’t care either if it doesn’t always generate positive responses, even though I do hope that my work has helped you in some way. I never really thought about graphic design as something that I would be interested in, but here I am, completely fascinated by it, and wanting to learn more about it. 


I write a lot because of the nature of my work, and I try to keep it positive - even though you do have those days when all you want to do is scream into the pillow and these positive quotes just feel like a bunch of bullshit and make no sense to you. But it’s quite nice to have this as a habit because, well, you’re still forced to look at it.

I’d like to think that if I do have visitors on my website (which according to my analytics I do…), then I hope they (you!) get something from it, a tinge of positivity every now and then. And if it brings a smile on even just one person’s face (corny much) then I’m a happy bunny.


Jess x