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I'm definitely not complaining that my first blog post on the website is about my recent trip to Australia. I just came back from possibly one of the best experiences I've had by far. One thing that stood out the most? Avocados are so freaking expensive in Australia. Why?! I don't understand. But other than that yeah it was all great fun.

I went to Perth to have a long extended sleepover at my best friend's. That is exactly what the trip was - a long sleepover. Exactly what the doctor prescribed during this tedious revision month. And not only did I get to explore Perth, we also went on an amazing road trip to Albany which is about over 4 hours away from Perth. The pictures shown here were mostly taken there. It was just the perfect place to get away from all the noise and pollution of the city. 

If you haven't heard of the Blowholes and is planning a trip to that part of the world, I suggest you look it up and pay a visit. To say that it is breathtakingly beautiful is an understatement. We got there around 9 in the morning and there was nobody but us. The force of the wave against the rocks - I'd never seen anything quite like it. I knew it was gonna be stunning, I just didn't know how much. Things like this really make me appreciate nature more, and how lucky I've been to be able to witness such beauty. 

I could go on and on and on about how amazing the trip was and how much I enjoyed myself, but that would probably bore you. One little thing though - Perth has such cute little cafes. They sure know how to make their food look pretty. The best cafe/restaurant I went to? Hands down Gordon Street Garage, and not just for their out of this world decor, but also for the food (and dessert especially). Must check out!

But anyway, I hope this hasn't been a boring read! If it has, then hopefully the photos will mitigate that, because yes, if you haven't noticed, I love taking pictures. And I'm so excited because I've created new print designs with one of my photos as a background! I'll leave the link here - hope you like them as much as I do!

Swimsuit: Zara
Skirt: Karen Millen

Jess x