Jess' Mess


A little bit about me.


My name is Jess. Jess' Mess is a business I created out of my passion for lettering which slowly but surely grew beyond creating typographic prints.

I design typographic and photographic prints as well as cards and am currently working on other kinds of stationery.

Jess' Mess is a curation of my mess. My designs are hand lettered and hand drawn to capture a sense of rawness and authenticity.

My inbox is always open if you're ever interested in working with me, giving some suggestions, or even just for a chat.

See you there!



Logo & branding

I take branding projects which include logo design and stationery design  (e.g. business card). Portfolio available on my portfolio page.

Custom print

I create typographic and photographic prints. I am also able to cater to your request for a custom design.


I can create a bespoke lettering that is tailored to your needs - special events, magazine covers, etc.